Unigen Steel Engineering

Unigen Steel Engineering
Unigen Steel Engineering
Unigen Steel Engineering: steel machining
Mechanical workshop Unigen Steel Engineering was founded in 1988 in Brescia, in the north of Italy, under the leadership of Sergio Cerioli.
The company processes cast, forged, milled, and centrifuged steel to transform it into whatever the customer commissions: from machining for large steel machine lines to precision mechanical machining. Unigen performs turning, milling, and boring operations and mechanical carpentry operations with machine equipment that can machine medium to large mechanical machining of up to fifty tonnes and up to ten meters in length.
Following the customer's order, the company guarantees:
  • the utmost compliance with the design presented by the customer;
  • the greatest flexibility: we machine unique pieces and know how to adapt to resolve different problems that can arise;
  • assembly, inspection and revamping of machines;
  • potential training of workers;
  • post-sales assistance for development of services and maintenance of manufactured plants.
Not only steel sector
Unigen has for years manufactured machining for the hot and cold steel sector: spindle shafts and sleeves, rolling mill stands, pinions and gears, rolls and other components. Growing, it has had the skill to build the means and competences to diversify its activities with the manufacturing of mechanical machining for the shipbuilding and energy sectors and cement factories.
Nationwide and worldwide
Our company receives orders and makes deliveries not only in European countries, but also worldwide. Naturally, every machining operation is performed with precision following the procedures dictated by international standards such as UNI-EN/DIN for Europe, AISI/SAE for the United States and GOST for Russia.
What distinguishes Unigen Steel Engineering
The Unigen Mechanical Workshop has a headquarters Brescia, a province of worldwide renowned for its flourishing industrial activity, which has always been linked with metal machining. It is in this context that our company was founded and developed, reaching complex objectives and acquiring extraordinary technical and design skills. 30 years of experience have enabled us acquire in depth knowledge of the market and the building and planning techniques of the plants.

We stand out because of our skill to offer our customers a valid consultation in the planning phase and for our competence performing precision and difficult mechanical machining, such as:
  • HIRTH toothing, achievable in nearly all diameters and modulus;
  • Chevron "V" toothing (bihelicoid) without central loading;
  • AV12 motor bases and more cylinders to support energy generation plants for the civil sector;
  • gearing components for winding cables and chains for ships and offshore platforms approved by international certifying agencies.
The know-how we have achieved to present ourselves as the ideal partner for companies that seek professionalism, flexibility, and the knack for problem solving. In this website you will find a project gallery that stands to show the technological level we have reached.