Quality is the mission
To compete on the international market of heavy mechanical machining of steel, Unigen Steel Engineering has made quality the company mission. Excellence in mechanical constructions has been reached thanks to a series of mandatory choices that represent the constant reference in our modus operandi, such as:
  • use of steel purchased from forgers and millers in Italy;
  • compliance with international regulations for the entire production cycle: UNI-EN/DIN for Europe, AISI/SAE for the United States and GOST for Russia;
  • product testing, thanks to the ZEISS machine that tests the measurements of the part with high precision;
  • trusted partnerships with external companies, entrusted with performing heat processing operations after the turning and milling steps.
Analysis of the composition of the steel part
Unigen also demonstrates its professionalism when customers request spare parts.
In fact, we can identify the Werkstoff number* of the part, analysing its composition, to be able to reproduce the spare part with the same chemical composition and steel hardness of the original part proposed by the customer.

Mechanical constructions for the shipbuilding sector certified by international agencies
Unigen Steel Engineering certifies further quality proof thanks to the fact that the naval sector machining obtain international certifications by agencies such as Lloyd's Register, Tüv, Bureau Veritas, RINA, DNV for both the manufacturing process and the material used.
*The Werkstoff number consists of an internationally valid unique serial number that identifies the hardness and composition of the steel chemistry. The Werkstoff number and the UNI-EN/DIN, AISI/SAE and GOST standard match can be seen in the Stahlschlüssel manual.